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May 18, 2020 · With some provinces, including Ontario, moving the bar exam online, changing licencing requirements have come to the fore amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Four Canadian other provinces are moving ahead this June with a new alternative to the bar exam, called PREP.
The MBE Course contains a practice question book with over 1400 released exam questions. It also includes a book with the answers and explanations for these questions. The questions include the most recently released MBE Annotated - a 100 question set covering all subjects on the exam.
submit an Application to take the Bar Examination is December 10, 2020. I Was Unsuccessful on the October 2020 remote bar exam. I would like to apply for the February 2021 Exam. How can I do that? Examinees who were unsuccessful on the October 2020 remote bar exam may submit a Re-Examination Application by December 14, 2020.